Horses are Healers

Equine Therapy: Because Horses are Healers

Hope Rising is proud to offer equine therapy to the youth in its care.  A youth new to equine therapy recently wrote, the horse, “more than responded, he took his head and put his chin on top of my left shoulder. His head and my head were next to each other for over five minutes.  It was powerful, and it made me feel confident, strong, and courageously filled with joyful hope.”

Those of you familiar with the care and upkeep of horses know expensive they can be.  Additionally, it is imperative that we work with licensed equine therapists and specialists and pay their fees promptly.

A gift of $500 would cover equine session or feed for a horse for a month.  $250 would help with vet bills.  Any amount will help us continue the program.


Suggested Donations

Horses are Healers Fund $100 Donate
One session of equine therapy $500 Donate
Feed a horse for a day $25 Donate

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