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Janet McCormack says...

I want to help share the love of Jesus through this important work!

In order to fully understand the work Water of Life is doing in India, you first must understand a little of the culture of India. Indian culture cannot be separated from Hindu culture, and the caste system is built into Hindu culture. Determined by birth, the Indian people are classified into four castes. These castes determine everything - where a person lives, where they worship, schools they can attend, who they can marry, who they can associate with, and what jobs they can hold. At the very bottom, beneath the very caste system itself, are the Untouchables. These persons are not even considered to be human, and if a person isn’t considered a person, they can’t be a part of a caste. Untouchables are not allowed to hold jobs, worship in the Hindu temples, and are destined to live a life of absolute poverty. What’s worse – the prevalent belief is these people deserve it. Because of reincarnation and their status within the system, they have not yet achieved a place worth giving respect and achieving happiness. Even the Untouchables themselves believe they aren’t worthy – until Water of Life enters their lives.

Untouchables have no hope to better themselves in this life. They have accepted their fate. This is Water of Life’s mission – to give hope to these who have none. When our pastors, led by Pastor Praveen and the Sylom Pastors League, tell them that there is one God who loves them, cares for them, and gave His life for them – everything changes. And it changes in a big way. Showing the love of Jesus, our Indian pastors reach villages with their own fresh water wells. India is thirsty and in need of both water and hope. The gift of fresh water has opened the door to proclaim the name of Christ. The love and hope of Christ is undeniable and spreading quickly.

Your donation will go to bring fresh water to thirsty villages in desperate need of it, and support Water of Life's pastor partners to bring the hope that lies in Jesus Christ wherever hope is needed.

Suggested Donations

Gives clean water to an entire village by drilling a new water well $3,500 Donate
Gives clean water to 334 people $1,000 Donate
Gives clean water to 167 people $500 Donate
Provides the fuel needed to drill one water well $250 Donate
Gives clean water to 33 people $100 Donate
Provides pastor training and evangelism resources $50 Donate
Gives clean water to 8 people $25 Donate

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