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Est/Her’s restoration mission is to work toward the revitalization of women who have experienced violence and trauma by sexual exploitation and provide a stable environment in which to heal and make steps toward a better future. Our organization envisions being Apex’s agent of change for victims, their families, and those impacted by human trafficking. The mission includes providing a community of support, along with a variety of support services, educational opportunities, paid vocational training and employment, and safe housing for healing and restoration. 


Over the last year and a half, Est/Her has partnered with Shield NC and Project Fight, both local anti-trafficking organizations. Our goal has been to create a network for restoration services and to find the gaps of services needed. The greatest need has continued to point toward needing beds for women coming out of trafficking. In the last 3 years, we have researched and visited various restoration homes around the U.S. and have been building a vision for a successful restoration home. We believe this is what we are equipped and led to do for Apex, N.C.


Est/Her has also gained relationship with local law enforcement and the mayor of Apex to combat this issue. We spoke at the commissioning and volunteered for the anti-trafficking week where we distributed awareness and training material to local service providers, schools, medical centers, and hotels. We believe that the town of Apex provides the nurturing environment and a slew of resources to create a space of healing and opportunity.

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