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Est/Her International partners with two local North Carolina organizations to provide trafficking awareness to the community and restoration for victims who have experienced abuse and neglect. During this time of COVID-19, many survivors have now lost their jobs and are without food, rent money, and resources for their children. The natural instinct for some of these women is to retreat back to the unhealthy lifestyle they had in the past, whether that be an abusive relationship or prostitution. When they face isolation and scarcity, many women, especially mothers, will do anything they can to feed their children. Will you help us provide assistance to these women? 


Designed for Joy

While we are not able to have our artisans in the studio working, we are in contact with many of them. All have applied for unemployment until we can realistically bring them back on our payroll. We want to remind each artisan of her worth during this time so that unhealthy habits won't be as tempting. We know the stress that poverty brings and we want to provide any resources we can that will keep them safe.

Project FIGHT

Project FIGHT works directly with survivors of human trafficking from the time of identification to self-sufficiency, and we have seen first-hand how COVID-19 has impacted those we serve. Many have lost jobs, found themselves struggling with rent payments, and are worried about how they will be putting food on the table. Already facing an internal battle of self-worth, isolation has made that battle even more difficult. The silver lining is that people like you, people who CARE, can make a difference. Join with us in the FIGHT for freedom for these survivors and know that even a little help can go a long way in changing someone’s circumstances.

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