Charles Moses

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Charles is 15 years old. His older brother Michael Moses was one of our first graduates. Together they came to us several years ago as their mother had 7 children and could barely afford to feed or clothe them. Charles struggled in school so we obtained special teachers and lessons for him. He still struggled and eventually quit our program. We monitored him and checked in on him encouraging him to come back and after a year we are excited to announce he is back and we are trying again to help him. It is yet to be determinied if he has a learning disability or if he is just so far behind he cannot catch up. Please pray for Charles! We are looking for a total sponsorship of $840 a year or $70 a month for Charles due to his serious educational needs. We also want to support his family by empowering his mother who tries to do grinding and other small jobs. Please consider sponsoring Charles at $35 a month or $420 a year. This will provide for his school fees, school supplies, uniform and sandals, small provisions, food supplies and special teachers. 

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