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Bob Meier says...

As a long standing member of the Freedom Council, please join me in the fight to #endhumantrafficking. Your donations to Team RPM will help fund initiatives of the Alliance for Freedom Restoration and Justice (AFRJ) in the US and abroad. Please consider a donation, or if you would like to golf, become a fundraising ambassador yourself and join us in Nashville, TN this September. Together we can Tee Up to End Human Trafficking.

*NOTE: This event has been rescheduled for Spring 2023.  We'll post the new date soon!**

The AFRJ® exists to end and prevent human trafficking.  Since its founding in 2013, the AFRJ has been building the solutions that accelerate impact, equipping thousands of justice advocates and strengthening hundreds of communities.  (Learn more at   You're invited to join us at our upcoming Tee Up to #EndHumanTrafficking event to help us increase our reach and impact.  Plus, you'll learn ways you are uniquely positioned to make a difference - in your local community.

Bring a team, become a sponsor, donate to the cause - there are many ways to get engaged!  

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Bob Meier
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Standing Ovations, Inc.

Standing Ovations, Inc. is an IT solutions company in Nashville, Tennessee dedicated to the values of integrity, excellence, and attention to each customer's needs. Meet the founder, Ellsworth Sheldon, at this coming event!

Ellsworth Sheldon

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Expedite, Inc.

Expedite, Inc. is a technology outsourcing, professional services, and staff augmentation company with global expertise and a proven commitment to be a business for good in the fight to end human trafficking. Expedite is a member of the AFRJ Freedom Council. Learn more at

Nishi Raina

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Gateway Global

Gateway Global believes that each of us are given spheres of influence in our families, our neighborhoods, our school districts, and our work environments. And that together, we can make a difference in our communities and the world. Learn more at

Gateway Global