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Today you can provide a spiritual life-boat?

Hello, I am Greg Hauenstein, and as a seminary President, pastor and a missionary, I have seen what God’s word means to those who have so little exposure to it. The study of the Word is like a life-boat to so many in the emerging world. A serious exploration of the Word brings hope, strength, excitement and motivation and a changed community. People are so excited when the Word of God is taught they break out in song! Sadly only 5% of pastors in emerging nations have had any pastoral training at all. Many are teaching what they heard in Sunday School as a child.

Together we can bring a study center to them. And best of all there can be a big impact with a small cost. See below

This is an appeal for you and your church to have an even greater direct impact in world missions.

What we do -

We start Christian study centers throughout the world with the express purpose of training national pastors to reach and train their own people. MINTS provides the curriculum, the academic standards, administrative software, and in-person training to help them form a life-boat center for their people. We do this in 13 languages.

And then we train them to launch new centers. So far 325 new centers have been launched in 82 countries.

But we need you and your church-

We are a “missions” organization using higher education to reach the world by multiplying equipped and educated Christian pastors and workers, who then set about spiritually changing their communities. We provide BA, MA, MDiv, DMin, and PhD degrees in theological studies using US educational standards.

Here is what we need of you –

1.        To teach, perhaps. Are you able to teach or to mentor? In person or at a distance? Let us know.

2.        To involve your church in the vision of reaching the world in the most effective way, by training national trainers and pastors. (2 Tim 2:2)

 Here is what you can do now-

1.    Make a personal donation. $25 provides training to a future pastor for a year.

2.    Take a church or Sunday School offering for this ministry.

3.    Ask your church or missions committee to support MINTS at $100 a month. (48 students trained for a year)

Let us show you want we can do, and what we can do together! 

Email Greg at:     Also visit our website at: 


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MINTS Ministry Model

The Need: The biggest need of the modern Christian church is a trained, motivated and educated leadership that equips the people in the churches.  From 1960 to 1980 the evangelical church grew from 25 million to 715 million, a 28-fold increase. This massive growth resulted in many churches having untrained pastors and leaders. By 2000 there were 2,000,000 third-world pastors, but less than 5% (100,000) had any Bible training. Many national pastors were brought to the USA for training yet 80% of those who came to study remained in the United States.

Who we train: We work with motivated indigenous leaders who are eager to teach their own people and who seek both a short-term and a long-term academic structure for training.

Unique method: Rather than bringing students to the US for training, or offering random seminars we establish financially self-sufficient, indigenously owned-and-operated training centers/seminaries in the language and culture of the local people. We work with national believers to develop their next generation of pastor/leaders eager to teach and duplicate themselves for the sake of their unreached brothers and sisters.

How we grow: Key to the missionary purpose of MINTS is the requirement that graduates start new study centers in their regions, languages, and spheres of influence.

Why Partner with MINTS? MINTS is effective. Jesus has shown that ministry is people. Once established, 1 study center yields 10 new pastors annually, each who average 100 new church members annually. Multiply this by 325+ centers and half a million people are being cared for by trained Christian leaders this year and the number will grow next year. There are now 10,000 students studying with MINTS, and 3,625 have graduated with degrees. 

Expansion Goals: We’ve never made “numbers” our goal, but have instead focused on quality and the teaching the power of multiplication to graduating students. Prayerfully our board has set a goal of 50,000 ministry students in 900 centers in 93 countries by 2020.

Want more information? Email:    Also visit our website at:

Suggested Donations

Have your church fund a new study center in a foreign Country at $2,500.00 $2,500 Donate
US Prison Centers in Women's and Men's Prisons, $50 per student $50 Donate
Have your church support MINTS at $100 a month for a year $1,200 Donate
Provide theological books to foreign and prison students, $15 per student x # $15 Donate
Africa, fund 5 students for a year of Theological Studies $100 Donate
Asia, fund 5 students for a year of Theological Studies $100 Donate

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