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“Remember those in prison as though in prison with them…” Hebrews 13:3

Prisons are dark, depressing, and dangerous places that desperately need the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The best people to reach prisoners with the Gospel of Christ are other prisoners, those who speak the language and know the culture, because they live in it themselves.

MINTS International Seminary-in-Prison uses degree programs in theological studies to educate and train prisoner/students to become pastors and missionaries to other prisoners offering hope through Christ for a transformed life.

Associate, Bachelor, and Master’s degrees are available at no cost to the students.


Currently, in thirteen prisons in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, MINTS plans to expand its seminary-in-prison study centers to prisons throughout the United States. 

MINTS receives no government funds. All financial support comes from individual donations and grants.

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