Jack, Kenya

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My name is Jack but my friends call me Wawaa. I was born Novembr 24, 2004 and am the oldest child of three in my family. After finishing preschool and Kindergarten at Hilltop School, my family was not able to send me to 1st grade so I did nothing for two years. When Pastor Dalmas of Manna Bible Church learned I was not in school, he helped me enroll! Wow! I was so happy to be back in school.

Later he introduced me to Kulea Villages and sponsors began supporting my school fees. Now, my dream of studying through secondary school (or more) is coming true as I only have one year left until graduation (end 2023). I'm praying about what God wants me to do in life and I hope I can help my family. Thank you for supporting my education!

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Christmas gift (Suggested amount; may be given any time of the year) $20 Donate
Monthly Sponsorship Support Payment $40 Donate
Annual Sponsorship Support Payment $480 Donate
Annual Sponsorship Payment plus Christmas Gift $500 Donate

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