Musa, Tanzania

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My name is Musa and I was born Feb. 7, 2012. When I was 3 days old, my mother died from complications during childbirth. My grandmother cared for me but only had cow’s milk to give me. This gave me bad health and I did not gain weight. When I was 5 months old, Kulea found me, and saw I was not well. They took me to the hospital then gave me formula and clothes. I am healthy now and have been in school since preschool. In January 2022, Kulea staff members saw our house was literally falling down. Can you believe they built a new house for us? Later that year, they taught my grandmother small business skills and helped her set up a small shop outside of our home. Soon we will be doing better with her small income, but for now, she is investing all profit back into her business. Kulea sponsors still help my grandmother care for me by providing us with food, school fees and medical care when needed because her business is brand new. I hope it will grow bigger so she can support us one day. I am so thankful to my sponsors for giving me the chance to go to school and for helping us with food.

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