Miriam, Kenya

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My name is Mirian and I was born 15 March 2006. When I was 4 years old my father died and my mother got very sick with TB. She was sick and weak for more than 2 years and could not work - even cooking was impossible for about a year. We had little food, no money for school and no relatives to help us. Pastor Dalmas introduced us to Kulea Villages and they began feeding us, gave us mosquito nets and a mattress, and then sent us to school. I thank God because I feel loved and happy. A few years later, one of my sponsors helped my mother attend sewing classes, bought her a sewing machine and she began making enough money for our food and rent. We are now in a safer home. I want to be a teacher someday because I love reading and teaching other children. I also like cooking with my mom and sister. Thank you for sponsoring me!

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