Mercy, Kenya

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My name is Mercy and I was born June 1, 2007.  I asked my mother why we don’t have a dad like other kids and she told me that before I was born he was killed by bad people in a war.  When I was small my mom left me with my grandmother to go off and find work. My grandmother seldom had food, so instead gave us homemade alcohol to take away the hunger pain since we had nothing. I was not in school. One day my mother came to check on us and was so sad to see the way we were living. She brought my sister, my cousin and me to Mombasa and then Manna Bible Church and Kulea Villages began helping us. We had nothing, but with Kulea’s help I am healthy now, and am going to school every day. 

I am now 15 years old and will begin 9th grade soon (in 2023). A few years ago, our sponsors helped my mother begin a small home business of selling second hand clothes. The business grew slowly and my mother is now able to afford our rent AND to make sure we have 3 meals every day. Plus some days we have afternoon tea and snacks. Life is so much better thanks to my mother's hard work and the support she received from Kulea Villages. I hope to keep working hard in school so that one day I can help my family, too.

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