Felix, Kenya

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I was born Dec. 24, 2003. My father was killed in a motorcycle accident when I was about ten, and my mom had no way to provide for me, so she brought me to live with my grandparents. I attended primary school which I enjoyed, but after a while my grandparents weren’t able to support me anymore so I went back to live with my mom. Life was very hard. We did not have enough money for school or food, so I dropped out of school and began working odd jobs to help.

My dream to return to secondary school and finish my education came true when Pastor Dalmas and Kulea Villages found me. I love playing football (soccer), reading books, sketching, attending church and swimming. I am so grateful for my sponsors and pray for them daily.

God has really helped me. In 2022 I graduated from high school and was so happy to be accepted to a college that trains tourism directors in Kenya. I am in Nairobi now studying hard each day thanks to my sponsors' continued support. My hope now is to finish well and work in the tourism industry so I can support my mother, my sister and myself.

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Christmas Gift (suggested amount; may be given any time of the year) $20 Donate
Monthly Sponsorship Support $40 Donate
Annual Sponsorship Support $480 Donate
Annual Sponsorship Support plus Christmas gift $500 Donate

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