Elizabeth, Kenya

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My name is Elizabeth and I am 13 years old (2022). Up until I was about 5 or 6 years old, my father was a casual laborer but had been away from us, just neglecting our family for a long time. My mother has no education and didn’t earn a living. For a long time, my 3 siblings did not go to school, and I hung around home but I was sick and not growing. Manna Bible Church invited my sister, 2 brothers and me to have 3 meals a day at the church. Then Kulea began helping with school. My sister and brothers started back to school and I began to learn at Hilltop School (preschool).

Next came the biggest change - an answer to prayer. Pastor Dalmas and a few members of Manna Bible Church began to talk seriously with both of my parents, counseling them and loving them. When I was about 7 years old, my father became a Christian and it transformed his life. He began to stay home with us, lead us in prayer and scripture reading, encourage us to do homework and he left behind things like alcohol abuse. He is very involved now (2022) in serving at Manna Bible Church and helping other families change through prayer and Bible study.

As for me, I am studying at New Stars Academy (since 1st grade) and am starting my last year there (8th grade) in 2023. I am excited about the future and love my church and family so much. God has been so good to us.



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