Dorcas K, Kenya

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I was born on Dec. 23, 2006. My father was killed when the Resistance Force came through our town in northwestern Kenya. My mother abandoned me, leaving me with cruel relatives who forcced me to work to earn my food (I was 5 years old). We often went without food and were given homemade alcohol to dull our hunger pains. There was no money for school.

One day, my Aunt Joyce came by the place I was staying and saw my hard life and my terrible physical condition. Then she rescued me taking me to live with her and her 2 daughters. We fled together that week to Mombasa, but life was very difficult until Pastor Dalmas and Kulea Villages learned about us and started helping.

They gave me hope, providing food so we could eat every day and they sent me to school. Now, I live with Aunt Joyce and my cousins, Mitchel and Mercy. I will start 7th grade in 2023. Thank you for sponsoring me.

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