Ambrose, Kenya

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Hello, I am Ambrose and I was born June 12, 2001. When I was ready to attend secondary school, I was chased away because we did not have any money for school fees, uniform, books or supplies. My previous teachers were sad because they said I was so bright in Primary School and had so much potential. I was really down with no idea of what to do with my life. Then I learned about Kulea Villages through Pastor Dalmas and Manna Bible Church and sponsors began sending me to school.

I am so thankful to have graduated in 2022 from high school. This year I was accepted into a Music School that prepares profesional musicians. I am working hard and expect to finish by the end of 2023 with training in Music Production and advanced voice and piano studies. I thank God for the help I have received from Kulea Villages, my church and my sponsors! Thank you for supporting me.

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