Agnes, Kenya

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My name is Agnes and I was born February 7, 2003. My dad left us when I was little. Mama tried to take care of us, but we often had no food and no money to go to school. Kulea Villages initially helped our family by sending my brothers and I to school and they helped us with food. I decided then to work hard to change my family’s circumstances for the better.

Then something amazing happened. Pastor Dalmas and the people at Manna Bible Church kept praying for our family and trying to counsel with my father when they could find him. Eventually our father returned home, ended his life as an alcoholic and has become an amazing prayer warrior and father. He loves our family so much and this is like a miracle.

I dream of making him proud through my own commitment to God and through hard work at school. I am now 19 and just graduated (2022) from secondary school. I'm waiting for my national exam scores which will determine where I go next. I used to be interested in becoming a dentist and definitely want to help those in need. I'm seeking to know what God wants me to do in life. He is so faithful!

I am so thankful for those who are supporting me for school through Kulea Villages! May God bless you!

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