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We believe that every child deserves to be raised in a loving home with the support network of a family. Children in our sponsorship program are being raised by a single parent or by an extended family member with our support for school fees until the family can support the child. We also provide food and medical care when needed. Where possible, we provide small business training and business set-ups so the family can become self-sustainable. 


Sponsor funds also enable our social workers to make regular checks on the condition of the children in their homes (food, hygiene, welfare, care-giver) at regular intervals and to pray with the families.


Each sponsored child has multiple sponsors based primarily on the cost of their schooling.

    Children in Primary School need 2 sponsors. They live with a single mother, an extended family member or a foster parent.

    Children in Secondary School or Vocational training need 2 - 5 sponsors depending on which school they attend. 


Sponsors may donate monthly ($40) or annually ($480) and may round up to $500 to include a gift for Christmas. Automated payments are preferred as we do not send payment reminders. 


Thank you for your commitment and for your on time support payments. Please pray for your sponsored child. (Please provide advanced notice if you must stop your support so we have a chance to find a new sponsor).


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