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Sponsorship changes lives and offers hope! Kulea children are in our Full Care program or School Assistance program. Children in Full Care are total orphans and live in the Kulea home in Tanzania, while those needing School Assistance are helped so they can remain with their remaining relative and stay in school, receive medical care, etc. despite poverty. We support children for School Assistance in Kenya and Tanzania. Sponsorship funds are the primary support for Kulea children.Read More...

Children living in the Kulea Home are in our Full Care program and need between 5 and 11 sponsors depending on age and school. Sponsorship provides quality education, food, clothing, opportunity for spiritual education/worship, medical care and the love of a family. Kulea Villages requires that Kulea orphans stay in school through secondary school. Beyond that we hope to help the children with college, junior college or technical training before they leave our care.


Thank you for helping in this area and even extra provisions like Christmas gifts.

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