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Sponsorship offers children and their families hope! Sponsorship funds are the primary support for Kulea Villages children. Sponsoring a child is a great commitment to his/her welfare. Read More...

We believe that every child deserves a bright future in a loving home with the support network of a family. Children in our sponsorship program have a good education, a safe home, food, clothing, opportunity for spiritual education/worship and medical care. We encourage children will stay in school through secondary school. Beyond that, we hope to help them enroll in vocational training, or in University if scores allow, seeking opportunities for student loans or scholarships.


Sponsor funds help pay for all these opportunities and provide for our staff to make regular checks on the condition of the children in their homes (food, hygienc, welfare, clothing, care-giver) at weekly or monthly intervals.


Each sponsored child has multiple sponsors in order to provide for their care. The varying number of sponsors per child is based primarily on the cost of their schooling.

Children in Primary School need 2 - 3 sponsors. They live with an extended family member or a foster parent.

Children in Secondary School need 4  - 5 sponsors. They board at school for 9 month of each year, returning home to a family member during school breaks.


Many sponsors pay one annual payment of $480 and "round up" to $500 to include $20 for the child's Christmas gift in December. Christmas gift donation may be made at anytime during the year.


Thank you for making your support payments on time and for your prayers for your sponsored child. 


Note: the "pledged amount" on the main Sponsor Payment page is not reflective of this year only, but of all support payments since we began accepting payments online.


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