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Sponsorship changes lives and offers hope! Kulea children are in either our Full Care program or School Assistance program, depending on whether they live in the Kulea home in Tanzania or live with a relative and are helped so they can stay in school despite poverty. Sponsorship funds are the primary support for Kulea children and so sponsoring a child is a great commitment to his/her welfare. Read More...

Children living in the Kulea Home are in our Full Care program. Each one needs between 5 and 11 sponsors depending on his/her age and which school he or she attends. Sponsorship provides education, food, clothing, spiritual education, worship, medical care and the love of a family for these children.


Children living with a relative or foster family are in our School Assistance program. Each child needs between 2 and 4 sponsors depending on which school he attends (school fees vary widely by country and by type of school). Sponsorship provides quality education, including help with food at school, supplies and a unfiorm. We also help children in our school assistance with medical needs. During COVID-19 we are providing extra money due the sharp rise in food prices to ensure each child and the family he/she lives with has enough money for food. These extra gifts are coming from our Feeding Program funds and are given in addition to our sponsorship funds.


We want each Kulea child to stay in school through secondary school if at all possible. Beyond that we hope to help the children with college, junior college or technical training before they leave our care, but this depends on their level of support from sponsors


Many sponsors pay one annual payment of $480 and "round up" to $500 with the extra $20 going to the child's Christmas gift in December.


Thank you for your on-time support payments. 

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