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We believe every child deserves a bright future in a loving home with the support of a family. When you support a Kulea Villages orphan, you ensure that he or she is raised in a family, whether by an extended family member or a foster family. Being in a home provides hope and stability for a child who has lost his mother and/or father. Sponsorship also provides the critical needs of education, medical care and to experience the love of God. Thank you for joining us in this journey!Read More...

Sponsorship ensures that each orphan remains in the care of a family. Children stay in school and are helped with medical care and food support. We hope that our children can stay in school through secondary school. Beyond that we help the children to attend either a junior college or a vocational/technical school before they leave our care. If the student is a top performer in academics he/she may qualify to enroll in a university (only 2 - 3% of Tanzanian students have the grades for this) and we will help them access student loans to start their university education. Student loans cover everything: tuition, books, food and lodging.


Sponsorship funds also provide the staff needed who make regular checks on the condition of the children in their homes and boarding schools (food, clothes, caregiver, home hygiene, emotional health) at weekly and monthly intervals. 

The "real cost" or total cost of sponsorship for one child is higher than $40 per month and it varies depending on which country the child lives in, if the caregiver has any way to make even a little money for food or not, which school the child is in and which level of school (primary or secondary). Most sponsored children live with an extended family member and the total cost is about $120 - $160 per month. Children pictured are in need of 1 or 2 more sponsors to be fully supported.


We invite you to read the child biographies and consider supporting one or more children (at $40 per month each). Sponsoring a child is a commitment and we depend greatly on your contribution. Prompt, regular payments are needed as well as advance notice if you must stop your support. If you cannot meet this obligation, consider making a one time donation anytime you can. 

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