2023 Feeding Program

$10,025 pledged

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Thank you for making a one time gift or for setting up a monthly payment to give throughout the year! We emphasize our Feeding Program each January as we try to raise the majority of funds we need for the year. In 2022 our goal was $4,000 and we raised $4,112! We've set our 2023 goal at $4,500. We trust God to provide!

Kulea Villages' Feeding Program provides food support for 1) families in crisis and 2) for children enrolled in a church preschool. We provide much needed food relief to those we find in a desperate situation due to hunger. Staples like beans, rice, maize, oil and salt are given out to families who are struggling with hunger. Preschool children at Hilltop School in Kenya receive a healthy breakfast and lunch each day thanks to our support toward their meals. Proper nutrition allows them to concentrate at school and helps the church educate more children than they otherwise could due to the expense of food.

Note: Suggested donation amounts are just ideas. You can give any amount you choose - once or as an ongoing monthly donation.

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