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Through our Match Campaign (April 25 - May 30) we attempted to raise $80,000. We are so close with just $12,400 left to raise, so today I am re-opening the MATCH period for ten more days until June 30th. It is so important that we reach this goal to cover the operational cost of feeding 50 babies each week and covering all school fees, home visits, etc.

This Critical Needs fund had $10,884 in it when the Match Campaign began. So, to know if we have reached the $80,000 goal, look at what it shows online today (scroll up) and subtract $10,884. Then add $10,000 because we have a pledge of $10,000 to be given June 30. That will tell you if we are there or not. Overall in 2023, we need a total of $125,000 for operations. We REALLY appreciate your support! -Deborah


Kulea Villages is a faith-based ministry supporting orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya and Tanzania. Funds from this campaign help us cover urgent, unexpected needs for the children or their caregivers as well as operational costs.

As we are out in the villages with our social workers checking on families, we often stumble upon a crisis that is just heart-breaking. Example: finding someone so weak from hunger that they first need medical help and additionally need food. Another example is finding a mother and her children sleeping on the ground - in need of a bed, mattress and sheets. We are thankful that we can address each situation immediately without first having to go raise the funds to do so.

In 2021 this fund supported the opening of our new Kulea Villages Maisha Matters Center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania! A portion of this fund will continue to support the operational costs of this center (the facility).

This fund also supports basic operational expenses in the US, Kenya and Tanzania (salaries, insurance, office supplies, and fundraising). Operational Support funding is often the hardest for a non-profit organization to raise. 

Thank you so much for your one-time gift or for setting up a recurring donation!

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