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Our Maisha Matters program helps Tanzanian families care for their children, though the mother has died in childbirth. Extended families want to keep the baby, but often are not financially able to buy infant formula. We give life-saving support for the baby (free formula) and later, business training for the caregiver, helping the family move themselves out of poverty.

We admit at-risk and malnourished babies (0 - 6 months), via referral only and provide nutritional support plus weekly weigh-ins to check the babies' progress. We also provide preventive health training each week after weigh-ins for the caregiver. After 4 - 6 months if the family is doing well, we introduce small business skills training followed by setting up a business for the caregiver to support the child long-term independently..

We start with an infant under 6 months of age with no lactating mother, who is at risk of malnutrition or death, and end a year later with a healthy baby and a self-supporting family. This is done through Nutrition, Crisis Support, Preventative Health Training, and Business Setups (Independence). We do all of this with approval from government authorities (Ministry of Health and Social Welfare) and under the supervision of our social workers. 

In addition to babies who have no lactating mother, we also assist HIV exposed babies who need full formula support, and multiples (twins or triplets) if they are underweight and the hospital refers them for supplementary formula and/or food support for the nursing mother. 

FUNDING: The cost to support one baby per month is $135. Donations of any amount will help support the project. Here are a few examples of the one-time costs and monthly costs we incur to support malnourished babies and their caregiver. 

1. Family Enrollment Kit  Every family receives a bottle, mosquito net, solar light, umbrella (for each baby) and a large thermos, upon enrollment.  $20

2. Formula for one baby for one month -  $75 (an ongoing expense all year and is our most expensive provision)

3. Family Crisis Support for one family (provided only if needed; may include a mattress, bed, rent, cooking pots, or a food parcel). Cost varies, but on average, $65.

4. Small Business Set-up for one family (a one-time cost) this varies, but on average costs about $215

5. Contribution toward Social Worker Salaries, auto gas or Center costs $30/month

6. Total monthly cost per baby for all the above: $135/month

Thank you for your support, both financially and in your prayers.


Suggested Donations

I'll provide an enrollment kit for newborn orphans to help them stay with family! (one time gift) $20 Donate
Count me in to help a tiny baby go from malnourished to healthy! (monthly) $40 Donate
Yes! I'll help cover the cost of formula for one month for a baby! $75 Donate
I'll help with formula for one baby and crisis family support! $100 Donate
Here's my monthly gift to support one baby completely each month at Maisha Matters! $135 Donate
I want to help! Use my gift where it's needed most! $500 Donate

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