Grace Children's Centre Langata

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CMIA's brand of children's homes are called Grace Children's Centres (GCC). The model home for the ministry is in the Nairobi suburb of Langata. The home in Langata has approximately 65 residents. Although occasionally some children may be adopted from the home, the majority of the children are raised in a family environment with the CMIA staff which helps to raise the children to be responsible adults and have great success in life when they leave the home.Read More...

Each child at this home needs 3 Sponsors giving $35 per month or 1 Sponsor giving $105 per month.


 (Description Tab) The Grace Children’s Centre Langata is the first full-care children’s home established by CMIA in Kenya (February 1996), Langata Grace Children’s Centre is located in a quiet, shady suburb of Nairobi. The children are cared for by “house mums” that love them as their own. In spite of the background of these children, joy fills this centre as it does all of the GCC orphanage homes.


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